8 Foods That Boost Metabolism for Flat Stomach[Must Try These]

It is surprising how people don’t account for the effects of slow metabolism in any weight loss regimen. If your body is taking longer to convert what you eat into energy then it will be impossible for you to lose belly fat and weight in general.

increase metabolism with exercise

If you have been struggling with stubborn belly fat then it is important that you speed up your sluggish metabolism. There are several ways on how you can boost metabolism with the most important one being – eating the right foods.

We invest a lot of time and effort at the gym. If you can channel that same energy in eating foods that boost metabolism, you can easily achieve that flat tummy you have always dreamed of. Let’s dive straight into the top foods that can boost your metabolism and give you a flat stomach.

8 metabolism boosting foods That Really Work

  • Foods Rich in Vitamin D

Did you know that a vitamin D deficiency can slow down your metabolism? If this is the case with you, then there could be a high chance that an increase in vitamin D intake will fasten your metabolism. There are many foods that are rich in Vitamin D. Examples include; eggs, fish, mushrooms, soy milk, and tofu.

  • Foods with High Protein Content

For those of you who are dieting, you are definitely aware of how important protein is when it comes to preventing muscle loss and promoting satiety. Well, it also boosts your metabolism and can increase your body’s ability to burn calories. Foods rich in protein include oats, coconut milk, yogurt, eggs, and chicken.

  • Water

Water, by itself, can boost your metabolism rate up to 30%. This is a huge boost. If you are always forgetting to stay hydrated, this should be a wake-up call. Set reminders on your phone, these will help you take the recommended 8 glasses of water per day.

  • Coconut Oil

For decades coconut oil has been a popular ingredient in the health and wellness industry. It is responsible for keeping your skin healthy, it makes your hair softer and it can also boost metabolism. Understandably, you may be reluctant towards consuming oils. However, coconut oil is very unique. Unlike other oils, coconut oil has medium-chain triglycerides that can be easily absorbed by the body.

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar

If we were to start listing the uses of ACV, this article would be 10,000 words long. Today, however, we would like to introduce you to ACV’s weight-loss ability. It doesn’t directly boost metabolism but it ensures the digestive environment is perfect for the foods on this list to do their job. ACV increases the rate of fat being burned in your belly. It also removes toxins that may hinder your weight loss efforts. Adding 2 tablespoons of ACV to a drink or salad daily can give you a flat waist.

  • Green Tea

When green tea became popularized by fitness gurus a couple of years ago, most people thought that it was just a phase. However, more and more people continue to realize the effects of green tea. Other than helping your mind relax, green tea contains antioxidants that boost metabolism. it also boosts your body’s ability to burn more calories. A cup or two of green tea per day can also contribute to a flat tummy.

  • Legumes and Pulses

Though they are proteins, there is a reason why we decided to list legumes and pulses separately. As you may have read earlier, proteins do boost metabolism. Legumes go the extra mile of increasing the rate of burning calories. This is thanks to the amino acid glutamine found in them.

  • Omega-3 Rich Foods

Last on our list, we have foods rich in Omega-3. These fatty acids don’t just speed u your metabolism but significantly lower the levels of stored fat. Such foods are perfect for any9one interested in getting rid of stubborn belly fat. Foods rich in omega-3 include walnuts, chia seeds, flaxseed, mackerel, canola oil, and salmon.

Out of the many foods that exist, the above are the best in increasing metabolism and giving you a flat tummy. If you have a meal plan, try to incorporate as many of the above as possible. It’s also important that you get enough sleep, keep your stress levels low, and avoid the following foods that slow down your metabolism;

  • All fried foods – The more fats are in a food, the slower they will be digested. You will also be countering your weight loss efforts.
  • Reduce your salt intake – If you walk into any dietician’s office, they will immediately remove salt from your meals. The recommended amount of salt that a human being should take is 2300mg per day. This is equal to 1 teaspoon of salt. Excess salt intake leads to fluid retention. This will greatly slow down your metabolism.
  • Sugar – This is another food that needs to be avoided. Most of us take up to 20 teaspoons of sugar in a day. This number might not seem realistic but if you knew how much sugar is in processed foods, you will be shocked. Sugar spikes insulin production leading to a slow metabolism.

In Summary

It takes more than just avoiding junk food for you to lose belly fat. Eating the right foods can boost your metabolism. As a result, your body will convert more food into energy and you will be able to flatten your tummy.


  • Allan Morgan is a registered dietitian specializing in sports nutrition and plant-based diets. He completed his nutrition undergrad in the United States. In his free time, Allan loves exploring new corners of the world.

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