How To Reverse Receding Gums At Home Naturally

Gum recession should not be ignored as it can cause severe results; thus, if you notice that you have receding gums practice the helpful tips to treat it and before it worsens.

Reversing your receding gums naturally might be challenging without a supportive guide because you may mess up when using ineffective ways.

how do you reverse receding gum

I have done this research on how to reverse receding gums at home after coming across this frequently asked question on my site. Fortunately, I have provided safe, functional, and best ways recommended by experts to help someone reverse their receding gums however if the issue is serious you may need to check with your professional health care provider.

Receding Gums How To Reverse Naturally

  • Get consistent dental checkups.

This is the number way recommended by experts to reverse your receding gums. This is because, without dental checkups, it might also be hard to release you have receding gums. Generally, dental checkups comprise of professional cleaning of the patient’s mouth.

The dentist cleaning is the essential and only method of removing tartar from teeth. Further, it also aids in eliminating plaque which someone might have missed during teeth brushing.

Therefore, consider you will have regular dentist visits to identify your early stages and signs of gum receding and other related issues.

  • Brush your teeth appropriately.

This is another key to reversing the receding gums. In this case, ensure to use soft and gentle bristles to brush your teeth. Many of us vigorously tend to brush our teeth using stiff or medium brushes, which can cause severe receding gums issues.

According to ADSS dental experts in America, individuals are recommended to follow the below instructions when brushing their teeth.

  1. You should at least brush your teeth twice a day with fluoride toothpaste alongside soft bristles.
  2. You should replace your bristle after every 4 and 3 months or preferably once its starts fraying.
  3. Move your toothbrush right in the short strokes.
  4. Brush your teeth at least about a 45-degree angle to your gums
  5. Press gently when brushing the teeth: It would help if you clean the inside and front of your teeth via turning your brush perpendicularly alongside making short strokes to teeth.
  • Kill the bacteria

Bacteria are one of the things which cause periodontal diseases. Therefore, if you don’t kill and control this bacteria, know that your gums might continue receding no matter what. In this case, your dentist will significantly help you to scrape the plaque off in your teeth.

He will remove the tartar and plaque from your teeth; thus, bacteria will die because they lack shelter. Remember, we tend to get plaque on teeth day after another, and if not removed early, it will stick and harden, turning to tartar.

This tartar cause offers the best breeding ground, which is hiding the place of bacteria. Anytime you have bacteria in your mouth, be sure to have a periodontal disease like receding gums.

  • Floss regularly and appropriately

Many of us neglect the dairy flossing of teeth. Generally, flossing tends to remove the plaque and food between your teeth and gums. And when food and plaque are tucked in these specific ears, you will have tartar which might cause severe gum disease.

To appropriately floss, utilize a specific pattern alongside contours of the teeth. Thus, if you are suffering from bleeding gums, don’t be afraid; even it should be essential to floss during this time. So continue flossing after meals day after another, and your gum receding will be reversed with the shortest period of time.

  • Use high-quality mouthwash

Based on the ADA, these two specific types of mouthwash are tested and approved to be the best: cosmetic and therapeutic. This product can aid in reversing the gum receding alongside other related dental benefits. A therapeutic mouth will assist in :

  1. Lowering speed at which teeth tartar is building up
  2. It prevents the gum disease
  3. Remover the food particles
  4. Reduces the amount of plaque
  • Scaling & planing

This is another major step patients take when it comes to reversing their receding gums. Scaling and planning should be done by a professional dentist to eliminate the tartar and plaque gone below your gum line. Besides, this is the best process that can be performed after it is fully numbed because the dentist will be careful and go depth.

  • Take the vitamins, supplements and maintain the best nutrition

There are specific vitamins and supplements such as vitamin C known to strengthen our gums. Therefore, if you always try to effectively obtain the majority of nutrients from consuming whole food. Further, lowering the amount of sugary food on your diet, rise, and floss even after eating them will help reverse your receding gums.

  • Laser periodontal therapy

If your gum recession is becoming worse, this would be the best to go. It is a new treatment that allows the dentist to do deep teeth cleaning of under gums and roots. Your laser pulses right over the patient’s infected area during this procedure to eventually kill all bacteria.

Other Methods You can Use

Receding gum can be a serious problem for so many. Supplements such as Dentitox Pro and steel Bite Pro can be very useful. You can read more about the Dentitox Pro Customer Reviews and the latest Steel Bite Pro customer reviews to figure out which one works best for your dental health need.

Conclusion on How to reverse gum recession

Gum recession is treatable and also be reversed. However, you should use or follow the recommended steps and treatment for safe and best results.

Taking care of your gums means almost everything when it comes to maintaining the dental area to avoid tooth loss. As a result, if you have been suffering from gum recession, consider starting treating it now to prevent further severe consequences. The above ways will significantly help you to do so.


  • Allan Morgan is a registered dietitian specializing in sports nutrition and plant-based diets. He completed his nutrition undergrad in the United States. In his free time, Allan loves exploring new corners of the world.

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