What Causes Type 2 Diabetes: How to Control Your Symptoms?

What causes type 2 diabetes is a question that often ignores, yet if we knew the real causes we would have to take some precautionary measures.

Diabetes is a condition where there is too much sugar in the blood. There are two types do diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is caused by immune system overreaction. The body can be infected by infection and it ends up overreacting where it destroys the insulin-producing cells.

When the beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed, they are no longer able to produce insulin leading to type 1 diabetes. Some of the infections that can attack the insulin cells include viruses and environmental factors.

On the other hand type 2 diabetes is caused by several factors. For instance, it can be caused by genes, environmental factors, and obesity. People who are overweight are at higher risks of developing type 2 diabetes. Extra weight can lead to insulin resistance. Extra belly fat has been linked to blood vessel daisies and heart-related complications.

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The main causes of type 2 diabetes:

  • Being overweight

When you are overweight, you tend to have too much fat in the body. It also leads to a lot of sugar in the blood. People who have sedentary lifestyles are at high risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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  • Insulin resistance

The condition starts with insulin resistance. During insulin resistance, the muscles and the liver do not utilize insulin well. The body tends to utilize a lot of insulin before it can make glucose enter the cells. The pancreas will increase the production of insulin, with time, the pancreas will no longer meet the demand for insulin, and blood sugar cells will start rising.

  • Genes

Some people are in a family history that is known to develop diabetes. For instance, people who are from backgrounds such as African Americans, American Indians, Alaskan natives, and Asian Americans are at high risk.

  • Gestational diabetes

There is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy. The hormonal changes in the body of mothers can lead to the change in insulin levels and diabetes in general. It is good to consult your doctor under such cases.

  • Genetic mutations

Some diabetes cases are linked to gene mutations. For example, people who suffer from monogenic diabetes experience changes in the genes. The changes are passed through families and they tend to affect people in given family history. The occurrence of cystic fibrosis can as well lead to diabetes. The thick mucus covering can affect the way the pancreas works.

  • Hormonal diseases

The body can undergo hormonal changes that will affect body function. For example, Cushing’s syndrome can lead to too much cortisol and it will affect insulin production. Acromegaly can occur leading to too much growth hormone. Other hormonal changes such as hyperthyroidism can contribute to irregular hormones.

Damage to the pancreas

Some health complications can affect the pancreas. For example, someone can suffer from pancreatic cancer and it will lead to the removal of the pancreas. In such cases, it will affect the functioning of the pancreas. Some medications can as well affect the functioning of the pancreas.

How to control symptoms of diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition that can be controlled. It is good to consult your doctor. Knowing the possible cause of your diabetes is necessary. It will make it easy to point out the necessary steps you can take to enjoy good health. For example, you may like to keep your weight under control. There are several steps you can take. Here are simple tips you can employ to keep your diabetes under control:

  • Keep an exercise schedule

People suffering from type 2 diabetes can keep it under control by working out. Set aside time to work out each day, when you get involved in workouts, it becomes easy to lose weight and keep your sugar levels in check.

  • Check blood sugar levels regularly

You will know more about your blood sugar levels and the right measures you can take to keep them under control after you decide to check regularly. Visit your nearest health center or pharmacy to get your tests taken. You will be better prepared to manage the condition if you can have the right data.

  • Watch your diet

Diet can keep your weight levels in check. Ensure you keep your diet levels under control. You should eat a balanced diet and avoid too many calories. If you can stick to healthy eating habits, then it will be easy to keep the weight under control easily.

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  • Dorothy N. Taylor is a registered nutritionist in New Jersey with a BS in human nutrition. She’s an experienced clinical nutritionist and teaches nutrition classes for members of her community. She is passionate about empowering others to make well-informed food choices to support their health and well-being.

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